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Spare Parts for AVS Series


Applicable for AVS Series

Antenna Distributor AVA Series


Type Designation
Part Number
Wideband Amplifier WA 4A 00-29-56-00-80
Channel Board CB A 00-08-76-13-80
Power Supply PS G3
Input Option IO 41 00-29-56-01-80
Channel Amplifier CA H
Mainboard PCB MB AVA
Control Unit CU N
depends on system
Display Unit DU F
depends on system
Keypad Board KB E 00-28-05-49-80
Motherbaord MB AVS 2
Interface Unit IF I2C AVS/M 00-28-05-53-00
Ventilator FAN B 00-29-10-07-20
Relais Matrix RM 8/2 00-08-86-01-00 for use in AVR
Control Unit CU D1
00-28-05-62-80 for use in AVR
Motherboard MB AVR/R 00-28-23-37-80 for use in AVR

Spare part list are subject to change without prior notice, errors excepted.


Further spare parts and/or spare parts for customer specific systems are available on request.


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